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Impact Week

Impact Week is an innovation festival that will showcase regional innovation initiatives and inspire growth in the region.
Through a series of lectures, workshops and social events, Impact Week will show what makes a difference for young and old living and working in the region. The events are held at various locations in the Greater Stavanger region, 10th – 15th of June.

This year's theme: competence

This year’s theme is projects and measures that makes a difference for the region’s competence. The population’s competence is one of the region’s most important resources. The future will require us to acquire new knowledge faster and apply new lessons in all the arenas of life. Competence includes more than education and schooling, it is about cooperation between education, research and working life and our ability to learn new things.

greater stavanger

Greater Stavanger is the initiator of the Impact Week, and working to create jobs and wealth creation in the Stavanger region.

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